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The search for happiness and the increase in gray divorces

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Divorce

No marriage is immune from problems. Therefore, many couples in New York and elsewhere could go through a divorce. While marriages ending in divorce have been a part of society for almost as long as the institution of marriage has been around, certain trends are apparent when it comes to the divorce rate. While the overall rate has been on the decline, certain demographics, such as those over the age of 50, have experienced a noteworthy increase.

Increasing gray divorces

Over the past three decades, there has been a shift in divorces by certain age groups. With regards to those 50 and older, the divorce rate for this group as doubled in this timeframe. Furthermore, researchers have predicted that the rate will triple by 2030. This fact alone makes it important to understand why the rate of gray divorces have increased, and what it is about this age group that makes them more impacted by divorce compared to other age groups.

While there are many reasons a couple might file for divorce, there are various social and cultural reasons why there has been a surge in gray divorces. Known as the gray divorce revolution, it is believed that those 50 and older are more prone to divorce because of the changes experienced since the 1960s. There was an increase in life expectancy, changes in the attitude of marriage, divorce being socially acceptable, women joining the workforce and wives becoming more financially independent.

The search for happiness

For those going through a gray divorce, it was reported that many state that they are divorcing because they want something more in life or want something different. For some, they have remained in marriages with conflict for decades or have little to no interaction with their spouse.

In a study on healthy aging relationships, there were three major takeaways. First, that social connections are good for individuals and loneliness kills. Second, that living in conflict is bad for one’s health. Lastly, that good relationships do not just protect one’s body but their brain as well. Therefore, if one is not happy or satisfied with their marriage later in life, they will be more prone to divorce for their health and happiness.

Divorce is not an easy life event to go through. It can be unexpected, overwhelming and could completely alter one’s life. Thus, it is important to gain insight on the process and how best to move forward with it. This will not only protect one’s rights but also ensure they get a favorable result at the end of it all.