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Maintaining Your Place In Your Child’s Life

Last updated on September 7, 2023

I established The Law Office of Chad M. Powers to help Suffolk County families get through a difficult transition. Part of the stress that my clients feel is based on commonly held beliefs that are actually misconceptions. The insight of a skilled and experienced family law attorney can not only clear up any confusion but also navigate you through a challenging process.

Just as fathers should not assume that they are at a disadvantage in child custody proceedings, mothers should not presume that their gender would be a primary consideration. The courts recognize the evolution of the fathers’ role in the lives of their children.

A Skilled And Seasoned Divorce Trial Lawyer With A Background In Mediation

When one residence becomes two, children of divorce face uncertainty. Every decision made that affects them, specifically where they live, must be in their best interests. Failure to find agreement puts a neutral party (judge) in charge of finalizing custody and visitation agreements. That does not serve anyone’s best interests.

With a background as a mediator, I possess a unique point of view that my clients find invaluable. Having facilitated mediation helps me to identify common disputes and, more importantly, a common ground.

I encourage my clients to take control of their futures and work with their spouses and develop parenting plans collaboratively before appearing in court.

Assert Your Visitation Rights. Contact The Law Office of Chad M. Powers.

In addition to regular business hours, Monday through Friday, I am available to meet on evenings and weekends by appointment. For an initial consultation at my law office, call 631-494-3282 or fill out my firm’s online intake form. I also accept all major credit cards.