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Are You Meeting Your Child’s Needs?

Last updated on September 7, 2023

The Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) provides that basic child support be determined by a mathematical formula that factors in parents’ combined income. What seems to be a straightforward process is often fraught with challenges when money coming in and going out is not clear-cut.

I possess the skills and experience to overcome the challenges and obstacles my clients face when trying to move on to the next chapter of their lives.

Child Support

Parents who are business owners or entrepreneurs do not have a set income. Others enjoy cash or investment income that has its own peaks and valleys. The flexibility of how and when they are paid can lead to parents hiding income or using business revenues to pay for personal expenses.

Spousal Support

Determination of spousal support (or maintenance) can also be a complex process that benefits families. There is an income-based mathematical formula in effect to determine temporary maintenance, and a different, less mathematically grounded analysis in effect to determine any “post-judgment” or final awards. I will assist you in determining what your rights are with regard to both types of maintenance/spousal support awards, and advocate your position accordingly.

At The Law Office of Chad M. Powers, your financial needs and interests will be our primary concern, and we will utilize all the skill, knowledge and experience at our disposal, to promote your best interests.

Revisiting And Enforcing Child And Spousal Maintenance Agreements

Spousal and child support modifications most often arise from substantial changes in your personal circumstances or those of your present or former spouse. With respect to child support modifications, substantial increases or decreases in income or expenses, the passage of time [three (3) years], or a host of other circumstances may constitute a basis to seek an upward or downward modification of child support, after the issuance of the order. As for maintenance/spousal support, certain factors may also warrant modification, although the burden to establish such modifications is greater than that pertaining to child support.

Often, after the issuance of a support order, a present or former spouse is unwilling or unable to maintain his/her payment obligations. Under such circumstances, judicial action is often necessary to address the situation.

At The Law Office of Chad M. Powers, we are available to assist you with regard to your support issues, whether it be to prosecute a claim for modification or enforcement or to defend against one which may be unwarranted.

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