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Protect Your Future During The Distribution Of Property

Few aspects of divorce and legal separation can turn a cooperative proceeding contentious more quickly than disputes over marital property. I established The Law Office of Chad M. Powers to help my clients get through the complex process of divorce. Emotions may run high.

As your attorney, I will help you make good decisions, free of the personal turmoil you are experiencing.

Extensive Experience In And Knowledge Of Equitable Distribution Of Property

Overcoming misconceptions starts at your initial consultation. Many clients come to my Suffolk County law office unaware that an equitable property division is not about an equal 50/50 split down to the last penny. Simply stated, equitable does not mean equal.

To determine fair and equitable distribution in any divorce, including high-asset divorces, I conduct an all-encompassing review of assets and property and bring in the appropriate financial experts as needed, which may include real estate professionals and forensic accountants who conduct their independent valuations.

Challenges in property division as part of divorce occur when retirement assets are in the mix. Separate from vacation homes, vehicles and other tangible assets, the courts have the authority to issue specific court orders to facilitate the division of pensions and 401(k)s.

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