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Family offense is a crime committed by someone against their direct relative or another close individual in the family. These offenses are incredibly overwhelming and put a significant strain on the family. To overcome these delicate matters, you want to have an attorney who understands the situation.

My name is Chad Powers, and I am a New York attorney who has been representing clients since 1997 through challenging situations such as these. From The Law Office of Chad M. Powers, I can offer you the legal guidance you need to overcome these matters quickly and efficiently. Part of this guidance includes addressing orders of protection.

What Is An Order Of Protection?

An order of protection, or restraining order, is meant to prevent someone from harming another person by ensuring they maintain a minimum distance from the protected party. These are the four types of orders of protection:

  • Full order of protection – This is meant to keep someone from the protected person’s school or job.
  • Limited order of protection – This only grants minimal amounts of contact between the aggressor and victim.
  • Temporary order of protection – This is a restraining order that has a fixed expiration date and has the possibility of renewal.
  • Permanent order of protection – Despite the name, these orders can only last up to five years, based on the nature of the case.

No matter which order the court files, the respondent may have to abide by specific rules, such as paying legal fees, vacating shared premises, paying the medical cost of any abuse and avoiding any behaviors or actions a court deems as a danger.

Experience You Can Count On

When allegations of stalking, assault, harassment or disorderly conduct take place between family members, you want to be sure that you are doing everything in your power to do what is right for you and your family. You can trust me to help you secure the outcome you deserve.

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