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A father’s rights in child custody and parenting disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Child Custody

There was a time when most fathers probably thought they didn’t stand a chance of asserting any meaningful rights when it came to child custody and parenting disputes in family law court. However, that is definitely not the case today. For most family law judges, the legal standard of “the best interests of the child” really is something they keep in mind when making rulings in these types of cases. And, for the most part, those best interests include a meaningful relationship with both parents.

A father’s rights in child custody and parenting disputes are just as important as the mother’s rights. These days, there is no “presumption” that a mother would make a better caretaker or would be a better option for primary physical custody for the child in question. Each parent will be given an opportunity to make their case, unless they can reach an agreement on these matters.

However, that does not mean that fathers in New York shouldn’t do their homework when it comes to preparing for court cases involving child custody and parenting disputes. If a case is headed for a court hearing, that likely means that the parents are unable to agree on these issues and you will need to press your rights to the fullest extent.

Prepare the right way

At our law firm, we work with fathers in New York who are facing these emotional and impactful situations. Every case is unique, with the potential for unique solutions. We do our best to help our clients prepare and explore all possible options. For more information, please visit the child custody and parenting time overview section of our law firm’s website.