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Choosing the right divorce attorney is the first step

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2020 | Firm News

The idea of, or the fear of, divorce can keep many couples from initiating the process, even when doing so is in their best interests. However, choosing the right divorce attorney can be a key first step to not just start the process, but also to making one feel comfortable with the process.

Help with the roller coaster of emotion

Skilled legal representation is more than just about having the smartest lawyer in the room on one’s side. Indeed, a lawyer that is skilled at helping their clients deal with the roller coaster of emotions that comes with divorce can have a distinct effect on one’s case. This is because many divorce proceedings can start off amicable, but that can quickly change, and having a stead-fast, objective attorney, on one’s side can help one make informed decisions in their best interests, rather than decisions in the heat of the moment.

More than just counsel

Many attorneys are “Q&A” minded, meaning that clients ask questions and their attorney answers them. But, one of the many factors that differentiates this firm is that we rely on conversations with our clients, not just “Q&A” sessions. After all, we do not know what we do not know, or even what we need to know, and through truly connecting with clients through conversations, we can truly asses and help each individual case and client.

This conversation includes gather all information needed to explore all possible scenarios to determine how to proceed. This includes whether mediation or litigation is appropriate, determining child custody and child and spousal support issues. This puts informed control back in the client’s hands.

Singular focus

Finally, individual attention is key to successful outcomes in Long Island, both in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Unlike many other firms, as a solo practitioner, my clients deal directly with me, not support staff or a lesser experienced associate, including weekends and evenings by appointment. This means that this firm has a singular client focus, and my clients have a dedicated advocate that is open and candid in all communications. Our clients get a litigator who possesses a track record of positive results in the courtroom.