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Divorce: a better future apart

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Firm News

What are your kids’ plans for higher education? How will you handle visit costs if your spouse moves out of state? How are you going to run your business after a divorce? 

There is no reason every couple needs to think about every single thing that could happen. However, even if it seems stressful, you are usually better off with official, court-sanctioned references for potential future disputes — you are better off with a complete divorce agreement. 

The future is uncertain 

Divorce at its most effective is a forward-looking process. It should be more than a removal of your contractual obligation to your spouse. It should restructure your family based on your current situation and reasonable assumptions of what could happen. 

Basically, you want to cover your bases. It often pays to address the topics that could land you back in court with your ex. 

The details matter 

In terms of parenting plans, think about both the predictable events in your children’s lives — school, travel, hobbies and so on — and the major unpredictable ones — health issues or exchange programs, for example. Talking about who is responsible and to what degree often helps avoid conflict in the future. 

In terms of asset division, it usually helps to be strategic during the divorce process. For example, if you believe that your spouse is hiding assets, then you might need the backing of the court to gather the evidence you need to get your fair share. 

To sum up, divorce conflicts do not always end when you and your spouse sign on the dotted line. While you may be able to modify if your situation changes, it is nearly always easier to talk everything out before you finalize your terms.