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How can you take on the school year after a divorce?

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Firm News

Every school year comes with its own set of stressors for families. You may feel like even more stress following a divorce. After all, you and your family not only have to adjust to a new school year but a new school year as two households. This can add complications. 

It is important that your family stays on the same page throughout the school year. Forbes has some tips to handle the first school year following your divorce. 

Include your former spouse in school conversations 

Before the school year begins, you may want to have a conversation with your former spouse about your expectations. As parents, you have goals for your children every year. Your goals are heavily dependent on age and grade level. Set up a family meeting where you can discuss goals with your children. 

Perhaps your children want to excel in sports or extra-curricular activities. It may be important for your children to learn self-sufficiency. Whatever the goals are, you need to be able to agree on them with your former spouse and children so that you can all work together towards these goals. 

Discuss extra expenses with your former spouse 

When a marriage dissolves, you discuss finances. Normally, you have a marriage settlement agreement that includes big ticket costs. During the school year, however, there will be a lot of smaller and miscellaneous costs. It is important for families to discuss how you will cover these expenses. Will your former spouse cover school costs? Will you split the costs? It is best to discuss it in advance.