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When a marriage falls apart due to relocation

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

Some married couples have a difficult time due to relocation, whether they move into another home in the same area or across the country. Relocation often places strain on relationships and may cause a marriage to crumble.

From financial hurdles to negative emotions, moving is hard for many people (especially for those who have kids). If you recently moved into a new home with your spouse and are considering a divorce, there are factors to take into consideration.

The challenges

Relocation is challenging for many couples because of disagreement, whether one spouse wants to move into another home or they are unhappy about relocation altogether. This often leads to bitterness and negative emotions that create a rift in the relationship and ultimately lead to divorce. Leaving family members behind and enrolling children in another school are some of the pressures families in this position face.

Financial matters

Look into various family law matters such as property division and take finances into consideration. If you recently bought a house, examine how your divorce will affect your new home.

Divorce laws

If you moved to another state, realize that the laws related to divorce vary from state to state. As a result, your options regarding matters such as child custody and support may be much different than they were at your previous residence.

Although moving brings up various stressors and responsibilities, set aside the time and energy you need to approach your divorce properly. Browse through our website to read more information about the end of a marriage and legal considerations for couples in this position.